Designer    Launch 12 Apr 2017

Liebherr launches new intelligent SmartDevice system; allowing homeowners to keep constant control over their appliances

Liebherr’s state-of-the-art automated technology will be available across its BluPerformance Premium Range and allows simple home-integration via WLAN, to facilitate convenient remote control of a homeowner’s appliance via their mobile devices.

The SmartDevice features three smart settings:

SmartHomePlus – allowing a homeowner to view their appliance’s status online at any time and make changes to its settings.

ServicePlus – giving the user access to service options such as direct contact with the customer service team and advanced notification of when a filter change is required.

SafetyPlus – providing additional security, this setting will communicate status and alarm messages to guarantee that food is safe and stored at optimal temperature at all times.

The SmatDevice is easily slotted into the top of the appliance and hidden away by the sliding covering panel, ensuring it can be easily accessed when necessary via the touchscreen panel that is available across all BluPerformance fridge and fridge-freezers.

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