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Laufen’s newly extended VAL collection focuses on clear geometric forms and slim edges

Swiss bathroom company Laufen has introduced its recently extended its VAL collection, featuring products crafted from SaphirKeramik.

Made from the mind of Munich-based designer, Konstantin Grcic, the new VAL products present a clear focus on the interaction between forms and lines. Konstantin Grcic commented: “From the very beginning, the VAL design was supposed to be suitable for everyday use…we have stayed with this philosophy for the new pieces.”

The collection, which is characterised by clear geometric forms, thin walls and extremely narrow edges, includes a washbasin, easy-clean toilet, freestanding circular bathtub and a stylish new brassware range. The freestanding circular bathtub, designed by Grcic, boasts a diameter of 130 cm and offers an alternative to the pre-existing oval model. The company’s Sentec mineral cast material ensures Laufen can produce the seamless bathtub design, with a single wall and in one casting, complete with an integrated overflow.

A capacious 120 cm-wide washbasin made from SaphirKeramik has also been added to the existing range, while Grcic extended the portfolio further still with a new, high-quality brassware range, especially for Val. This new brassware selection perfectly complements Laufen’s Base bathroom furniture range, also – Base features strikingly minimalist designs and is available in a range of colours and finishes.

 Laufen | laufen.co.uk