Designer    Launch 17 Jul 2017

Laufen focuses on fresh innovations with the launch of its new Cleanet Riva shower toilet

Cleanet Riva, the latest shower toilet design from bathroom manufacturer Laufen epitomises the notion of ‘clean design’. The streamlined ceramic body encases a busy map of technology and careful engineering.


Designed by Peter Wirz, the Cleanet Riva uses Noveta AG technology and revolves around its integral shower functions, which can be operated by user’s either by the rotary button located on the side of the bowl or via a touchscreen remote control. The remote control also allows the user to create up to four customised settings, including a choice of spray modes, temperature and timings, while for a more delicate touch, the Cleanet Riva comes with a separate adjustable spray.


Keeping hygiene and cleanliness of primary importance, all the internal elements of the Cleanet Riva are regularly self-cleaned with thermal cleaning functions and automated descaling after each use. A fitted, replaceable carbon filter removes odours after each use, providing a pleasant and fresh experience every time. The innovative and exclusive Laufen Clean Coat glaze seals the ceramic surface and prevents the accumulation of grime, while the toilet’s rimless shape and removable seat and lid make the model equally hygienic and easy to clean.


Adding a little luxury and a futuristic style aesthetic to the Cleanet Riva, white LEDs are integrated on the underside of the toilet and will allow users to locate the toilet at night. An innovative secondary function of the integrated LEDs is to provide maintenance warning light, which turns red when a service is due.

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