Utopia    Launch 04 May 2017

Lapicida launches the Old Faro tile collection – blending decadent detailed designs with vintage, aged finishes

The Old Faro range, from Lapicida, is just one example of the company’s exciting new porcelain tile collections. The luxury stone specialists have cleverly replicated blue and white terracotta tiles with an effective aged vintage finish. Across the range, though each tile aligns to the same detailed blue pattern, the differentiation of shades, fading and patinas – which are unique on each tile – make the tiles appear realistically aged, as if they were salvaged from the walls of a traditional farmhouse.

Porcelain is an extremely practical selection for the tiles, as unlike stone and marble textures, porcelain requires a minimal amount of maintenance and boasts a lighter nature. This is particularly useful for kitchen and bathroom projects which have a limit on the possible weight or thickness of surface materials employed.

The expertly crafted, matt finished, Old Faro tiles can also work harmoniously alongside the company’s marble and stone collections, to create a beautiful balance between luxury and rustic aesthetics.

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