kb-network    Launch 14 Dec 2017

Küppersbusch introduces the DI 3800 extractor, the latest addition to its 2018 Profession + collection

Küppersbusch’s new DI 3800 extractor is available in three stylish glass finishes, black, grey and white.

The energy efficient model boasts an A rating, eight power levels and an impressive extraction rate of 525m3/h. It’s is also fitted with an innovative self-cleaning air filter with Plasma technology; ‘PlasmaMade’ ensures all cooking odours, bacteria and grease particles are removed from the air. The filter is completely natural – converting any type of air pollution to clean air – and lasts up to 15 years.

Designers have access to eight Küppersbusch design kits to offer consumers; an option to personalise their hood, including stainless steel, on-trend copper and Hot Chilli Red. The design kit is fitted at the lower edge of the cooker hood as a finishing touch, in sleek stainless steel.

Küppersbusch | kuppersbusch.com