kb-network    Launch 22 May 2017

Kitchen & bathroom worktop specialist, Maxtop, launches its new installation support manual

Maxtop Quartz Ltd has launched a new and improved installation and technical support manual to provide detailed instructions on how to easily install its unique surface.

Stating that it is “the first of its kind since the business launched to the market in 2014”, the step-by-step manual provides useful installation advice and also explores the unique features of its quartz material – such the patented polypropylene interior honeycomb core.

The manual will be issued to Maxtop’s network of distributors and installers across the UK, and will also be available at maxtopquartz.co.uk.

Commenting on the recent launch, Stephen Moss, stated “We wanted to create something professional which provided vital information and also looked good, because we know that aesthetics are important to our customers.

“Production of this manual complements the launch of two new designs, so its an important time for the company, which has continued to grow year-on-year since its inception and we’re really looking forward to receiving feedback on the collateral.”

Maxtop Quartz | maxtopquartz.co.uk