Designer    Launch 20 Jun 2017

Kährs creates eye-catching Shine collection that transforms floors into stunning focal pieces

Kährs latest collection of flooring does exactly as its name suggest: shines. The range of eight high gloss wooden floors in the Shine collection artfully blend natural and glamourous styles; the striking graining is still very visible and gives the space texture and character, while the highly polished finish gives the cladding an opulent twist, perfectly suited for homeowners with a penchant for glamour and luxury.

Each element in the Shine collection is crafted from sustainable oak, ash or beech wood and is crafted using Kährs eco-friendly multi-layer construction methods. The available colourations range from a light and ethereal Opaque to a deep, dramatic Black Silver hue.

The two lightest designs: Beech Opaque and Oak Pearl feature a white semi-transparent stain and a white pearl shimmer, while the mid-tone Oak Fumoir has a light smoked grey/brown tone, and the two darkest: Ash Black Copper and Ash Black Silver each have a black stain infused with copper and silver metallics. All the designs also feature a micro-bevelled edge that defines the one strip plank format.

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