Designer    Launch 04 Jul 2017

Italamp launches its new “deconstructed” suspension light, by NAVA + NAVA Design Studio!

Italian interior lighting specialist, Italamp, has launched its brand new “deconstructed” suspension light – “the contemporary alternative to a chandelier, reinvented with a fresh, dynamic approach.”

Designed around the idea of a thread “connecting the past to the future”, the ‘Adria’ features a central stem complete with ‘bobeches’ to create a bold design statement.

Commenting on their new design, designers Paolo Emanuele Nava and Luca Maria Arosio of NAVA + NAVA Design Studio stated “With the ‘Adria’, the concept of the classic chandelier was turned over and simplified – the central stem is counterbalanced with bobeches, supported not from below with arms, but suspended from above with supports inspired by modern architecture in a play of harmonious contrasts of modern and classic elements.”

Italamp added, “the Adria seeks to continue the company’s great tradition in the world of chandeliers, while also opening new avenues – where tradition meets innovation. The Adria is a versatile product, it can meet the diverse needs of architects, designers, and final users, offering design ideas and special details that are well-suited to settings ranging from residential to contract.

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