Utopia    Launch 10 Nov 2017

Island getaway – bring sun, sea and serenity to your bathroom with Lakes Bathrooms’ latest launch


Shower specialist Lakes Bathrooms has unveiled a stunning new addition to its Island collection of frameless shower enclosures.

The beach-beautiful Cayman enclosure is the ideal solution for an alcove space – it’s minimalist glass door is available in a range of sizes, from 1,200mm upward and will evoke the feeling of an open, unrestricted space. Standing 2,000mm high, the hinged door with in-line panel features optically superior PureVueHD glass and minimal iron content, that negates the green tint commonly found in standard glass. The 8mm-thick crystal clear safety glass also comes with Lakes Bathrooms’ AllClear® stay-clean coating. Alongside the strikingly clear glass, the Cayman model benefits from a reversible door, side panels and rise and fall hinges, that allow for 45mm adjustment.

Lakes Bathrooms’ managing director Bev Brown says: “We are very pleased to expand our portfolio with Cayman, an on-trend, frameless shower solution that will help you transform any alcove space into a chic and contemporary spa-like showering environment.”

Lakes Bathrooms | lakesbathrooms.co.uk