Designer    Launch 16 Jun 2017

Inventive designs and out-there thinking are encapsulated in the new Cadre collection by Rational

Combing an eclectic mix of materials, the new cadre collection from Rational presents an exciting contemporary twist on traditional classic kitchen designs. Eclecticism is key in this new range; the blend of book-matched walnut veneer door frames perfectly complement the wooden material which are used to great effect on the island. A waterfall-style worktop on the island clads either end and the top of the island, but leaves a small intersection in the centre, and creates a breakfast bar area at the same time – suited to casual dining. This central gap creates a visual focal point and enhances the symmetrical structure, while also drawing attention to the marble-like stone beneath.

The Cadre doors positioned behind the large island again draw attention to the balanced aesthetic, and reflects an oriental inspiration, with a focus on balance, harmony and Feng Shui. The 12mm slim framed doors feature subtle smoked glass that puts a modern twist on traditional glass cabinetry. The frames can be supplied in any colour from Rational’s soft lacquer range, ensuring homeowners can mix and match to suit their style. Integrated lighting, walnut-framed glass shelves, interior storage boxes and lacquered unit interiors are also available in the Cadre collection.

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