kb-network    Launch 02 Nov 2017

Introducing RESINATE™ – an extraordinary furniture finishing process pioneered by Hyde House

The RESINATE™ process, developed by Hyde House, is unique in nature – it allows specifiers to select a wallpaper design, of any colour, pattern, and texture, and have it transformed into a durable and stylish finish for their bespoke furniture.

Applications include bathroom cabinets, kitchen surfaces, bedside tables, consoles, cabinetry doors, dining tables, sideboards, coffee tables, chairs, headboards, paneling and much, much more. The concept behind RESINATE™ was inspired by the desire to offer the design world a far broader scope of finishing options. Instead of being limited to a veneer, paint or gilt, clients are now able to bring any design to life with a truly endless supply of aesthetic possibilities.

Joanna Hauptman, Co-Founder of Hyde House says, “At Hyde House, we are more interested in wallpapers than ever before since the launch of RESINATE™. This is our patented and trademarked furniture finishing system that utilises wallpaper as a viable and robust furniture finish for all free-standing furniture, case goods, and joinery. RESINATE is splash proof and scratch proof making it an exciting design solution for bathroom cabinets, like the one pictured, made using RESINATE with Tektura Wallpaper.”

Hyde House | hydehouse.co.uk