kb-network    Launch 14 Aug 2017

Introducing the ‘Additions 2017’ Brochure- Masterclass Kitchens unveil their biggest launch yet

Masterclass kitchens have launched their new brochure which they are calling their biggest launch yet.

The Brochure, called ‘Additions 2017,’ consists of a new kitchen range, new vibrant painted colours, a new and worldwide exclusive drawer box and unique internal storage solutions which are all exclusive to Masterclass Kitchens. Also included in the launch are new accessories, including a stunning set of Premier Handles and the ability to create the Inframe look across all of their painted ranges. The sleek eight-page brochure features beautiful full-colour pictures and information of the latest new and exclusive Masterclass Kitchen ranges.

The contents consist of:
1. New Hampton Silk Painted Range
2. New & Exclusive Internal Storage Solutions 3. New & Worldwide Exclusive Drawer Box
4. New Wimbourne Colour
5. Premier Handle Collection
6. The Inframe System
7. New & Vibrant Painted Colours
8. New Scots Grey Cabinet Colour.

The Additions 2017 Brochure is now available to view as an online download or physically through the post.

Masterclass Kitchens | masterclasskitchens.co.uk