Designer    Launch 02 Mar 2017

InstantAqua introduces revolutionary shower mixer technology, the ’SmartShower’

Featuring the latest smartphone inspired technology, InstantAqua have introduced their new and simple SmartShower.

After aiming to create a smart shower system that requires minimal upheaval to your home, InstantAqua invented the SmartShower Art system design.

Featuring new technology and touch display, this shower can be uniquely operated whilst the shower is running. The stand alone product design ensures your smart shower can be installed with minimal damage to your bathroom’s walls or ceilings, making for an incredibly easy installation process.

As Jurgen Verwoert, managing director at InstantAqua, explains “You simply replace the existing mixer shower with the SmartShower Art system, install the SmartShower Art App on your smartphone and enjoy your shower – plug and play. That’s all there is to it.”

In addition, the SmartShower Art System is WiFi enabled, allowing you to exchange information with a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. Simply connect to the internet and view how much water is used in litres or gallons, the outlet temperature, or even your shower duration.


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