Utopia    Launch 28 Jun 2017

Inspired by the formal gardens of France, these Jardins Français tiles epitomise old-school opulence


New Ravenna’s latest luxurious collection: the Jardins Français mosaic tiles, designed by Caroline Beaupere, will add a regal tone to any room. The five unique designs are each handcrafted in Virginia from a decadent combination of natural stones, brass, aluminium, glass and sea shells.

Caroline Beaupere’s intricate designs were inspired by the formal gardens of France and each one reflects the careful symmetry, luscious colours and opulent ironwork touches. The variety of tones and materials is used to reflect the beauty of each season; spring is bought to life though the luminescent shell elements used in the Fleur de Lys pattern, while summer is presented in a bright blue light, with the Monet blue glass of Jardin de Giverny, alluding to the blue skies and seas of the Mediterranean summer.

The mind behind these designs, interior designer Caroline Beaupere explained her inspiration for the Jardins Français collection: “I grew up in Provence and spent my childhood visiting Morocco, Spain, and Italy. I was greatly inspired by Gaudi’s work in Barcelona. The theme of this mosaic collection comes from my favourite gardens in France. I’ve replicated pathways leading to fountains and iron grill work using the unlimited creativity of mosaic available at New Ravenna.”

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