kb-network    Launch 28 Jun 2017

Indesit launches a brand new website to “provide customers with ‘Life Proof’ solutions!

Indesit has launched a brand new and improved website encompassing the Indesit brand mission – “to provide customers with ‘Life Proof’ solutions.” 

Priding itself on developing products which make the lives of busy families that little bit easier, Indesit has revamped its website to provide a dedicated section on everyday tips. 

Additionally, each product specific section has been arranged to ensure every customer can find the perfect appliance for their lifestyle and requirements. 

Commenting on the company’s recent launch, Indesit stated “The brand’s new website offers solutions on space-saving, home improvements, and provides energy saving tips alongside online buying guides to help users choose the perfect appliance to meet their needs. 

“What’s more, with a large percentage of consumers doing their research online, the mobile and tablet compatible versions of the Indesit website have received an updated look and feel too.” 

Ian Moverley, brand communications director, added “Indesit appliances are designed to simplify the family’s days, ultimately making life easier and giving them more time to do the things they enjoy. 

“We believe that the Indesit website should reflect this mission, by providing buying guides, hints and tips, as well as easy to understand product information. We want all our customers to have an easier and enjoyable experience when looking for the right appliance to meet their needs.”

Indesit | indesit.co.uk