kb-network    Launch 14 Sep 2017

Hotpoint launches interactive E-Learning platform to support retailers with product knowledge

Hotpoint has launched an interactive E-Learning platform to support retailers with product and brand knowledge.The online E-Learning platform is an interactive educational tool, where users can gain points and are awarded certificates by successfully completing quizzes and learning paths.Concise presentations, on specific Hotpoint products, help retailers understand more about the appliances they are promoting and selling. Providing detailed information, each training path only takes a few minutes to complete and a short quiz upon completion tests the user’s knowledge.

Jennifer Taylor, Senior Brand Communications Manager, Hotpoint, said: “It is essential that we provide our trade partners with distinct tools, which will expand their knowledge and understanding of the Hotpoint brand and products. Hotpoint appliances, such as the Class 9 range of built-in cooking appliances, empower the user to care for what matters most to them. A Hotpoint appliance provides users with the maximum variety of functions and the flexibility they need to live their lives exactly the way they want.”

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