kb-network    Launch 06 Sep 2017

Hotpoint has launched a new range of dishwashers which offer excellent cleaning results

Hotpoint has launched a new range of dishwashers, comprising of both built-in and freestanding models, which offer excellent cleaning results and striking performance.

The new range of 600 mm dishwashers offer unprecedented flexibility and performance, thanks to sustainable innovations and technologies. The new range is well-crafted, with a clean-line design and finished with distinguishing details that add a touch of prestige. The appliances seamlessly fit into today’s kitchens with their new and intuitive interfaces, which include a premium full-text touch display. The new, groundbreaking, 3D Zone Wash feature comprises a spray arm, which is positioned alongside the standard spray arm in the bottom of the dishwasher, and a shower-type spray, which is positioned at the very top of the appliance. Both additional components work together with the two standard spray arms, positioned in the bottom and middle of the appliance, to deliver outstanding cleaning performance. The addition of 3D Zone Wash allows the user to take control of the cleaning process by allowing precise cleaning, directing the water to exactly where it is needed, and increasing the targeted area by 40 per cent. Tackling even the toughest soiling, and offering impeccable cleaning results, 3D Zone Wash completely eliminates the need to pre-wash the dishes. In addition, 3D Zone Wash can also be used to direct the water to wash a particular basket, saving up to 40 per cent in energy. This feature is a boon to the 71 per cent of dishwasher owners who admit they run the appliance when it is not fully loaded.

Jennifer Taylor, Senior Brand Communications Manager, Hotpoint, says: “Solutions from Hotpoint are driven by the needs of the consumer and the appliances are designed to allow the consumer to choose their own way in managing and mastering their home. The new range of Hotpoint dishwashers empowers the user to care for what matters most to them and offers the maximum variety of functions and flexibility they need to live their lives.”

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