kb-network    Launch 26 Sep 2017

Hoover launches new oven with 19-inch, fully interactive touch screen

Available from September 2017, the new Hoover oven features a 19-inch door that also acts as an interactive screen. This allows users to watch video cooking tutorials, generate, save and amend favourite recipes, creating a personal library of cooking programmes, as well as checking the temperature, time remaining and access selected websites. The in-cavity camera is another key feature, allowing users to get a close-up of the cooking progress without opening the door.  With an 80-litre capacity, the Hoover Vision has 10 separate cooking functions and a double-glazed, soft-close door. Further features and accessories include a variable grill, telescopic runners, removable side racks, two enamelled baking trays and safety shelf. The combination of all the product features, along with integration with the existing Wizard app, means users can manage each moment, from food preparation to final presentation.

Juan Pillay, marketing director, Hoover built-in appliances, said: “The Hoover Vision is a real game-changer and is the most innovative oven we have ever launched. Comprising a range of technology and features, the product is perfect for techies and budding chefs because everything you need is available at the fingertips. Not only is it a good appliance for people who want the very latest products, it’s also great for keen bakers because they can check cooking progress with the in-cavity camera, without fear of ruining their creation. Even though Hoover was established more than a century ago, the company has never stopped evolving and this latest product launch is a perfect example of that.”

Hoover | hoover.co.uk