Designer    Launch 13 Mar 2018

Hoover announces host of high-tech product launches, set to launch in 2018

Tech is certainly taking a turn in the home appliance market, with companies continually developing new products and technologies, in order to stay ahead of the design curve. Most recently, AI and hybridity are both becoming ‘must-have’ elements in many appliances and manufacturer, Hoover, is definitely weighing in with its exciting host of 2018 launches…

Ranging from AI laundry appliances, to hybrid tumble dryers and cordless vacuums with increased run times, Hoover is stepping it up a gear for 2018, and technology is taking centre stage.

First out of the block for MDA is a range of new hybrid tumble dryers. Offering ‘the best of both worlds’, these new models utilise both condenser and heat pump technology to create a machine that can carry out both fast and amazing energy-saving cycles. The new tumble dryers also feature WiFi technology for remote-controlled programming, as well as NFC tap-to-connect options; both of which can be controlled via an app on smart phones or tablets. While in Q3, we’ll see the company’s first-ever AI washing machine: AXI. Aesthetics won’t be pushed aside, however, as retailers can expect to see Hoover extend its available colourway options for its laundry appliances throughout 2018, including all-white and graphite finishes.

The built-in sector’s inaugural 2018 launch is the Hoover Vogue Premium Collection, launching this month. Comprising cooking appliances with a modern, minimalistic look, including a sous-vide oven and touch-screen blast chiller, the new range boasts a sleek, modern aesthetic. And from hot to cold, Hoover is set to bring a selection of eye-catching cooling appliances to the market too, with shimmering opaque glass-fronted door models, as well as a number of new large capacity lines. These new stylish fridge freezers will launch under the Hoover brand in the UK in Q2.

While Hoover’s SDA division is due to launch a plethora of new products, including cordless sticks and more connected vacuums, set to appear in Q3. The Velocity Evo range, specifically, will welcome a new Reach and Pets model.

Steve Macdonald, Marketing Director, Freestanding Division, Hoover Candy UK, commented: “This year, we’re bringing some truly stand-out and stylish products to the market. Whilst we’ve been known as an innovative manufacturer for a while now, really since the launch of our first connected family of appliances back in 2015, one of the most important things we see in our products now is how they help consumers take care of their household needs.

“Whether that’s caring for their homes, clothes or food, the technology we’re using in our products is there to create real benefit for consumers, like suggesting the most economical programme, rather than having gimmicky features that don’t provide any added value.

“This year marks our 110th anniversary, so it’s important for us to utilise that knowledge and experience to demonstrate that we’ve never stopped innovating in order to produce the products that we know consumers want in their homes and retailers need in their stock room.”

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