kb-network    Launch 23 Oct 2017

The high-tech HotSpot Titanium boiling water hot tap is now available in the UK

The HotSpot Titanium tap, which offers a trio of hot, cold and 100ºC boiling water in one elegant appliance, is now officially available on the UK market.

Available in a 3-in-1 (hot, cold and boiling) or a boiling water only ‘Solo’ format, the HotSpot Titanium tap can easily adapt to UK homeowners needs; while the optional swan or drop neck, and brushed chrome or stainless steel finish ensures the tap is as stylish as it is functional.

All models also come with a choice between a 4-litre or 8-litre water heater, that allows them to instantly provide either 3 or 6 litres of boiling water, respectively. The patented tank is crafted from titanium, an extremely light, natural material that boasts steel-like strength and bacteria resistance. Additionally, unlike other premium models, the Hotspot Titanium’s new checking system directly communicates with consumers to ensure that they check their filters regularly and quickly diagnoses any issues – allowing consumers to take full advantage of the 5-year guarantee.

HotSpot Titanium | hotspot-titanium.com