Designer    Launch 16 May 2017

Hide and seek – Caple’s fridge and freezer duo are designed for seamless hidden integration

Caple’s new RiL1795 fridge and RiF1795 freezer pair have been designed to meet the needs of homeowners with a contemporary kitchen. The matching column shaped fridge and freezer are specifically designed to be hidden behind tall cabinetry doors that tie into the surrounding kitchen – this will give the scheme a sleek, seamlessly cohesive aesthetic.

The integral features of Caple’s RiL1795 fridge include an adjustable shelf in the door, to allow for storage flexibility; Caple Fresh technology – which eliminates ethylene gas produced by fresh food – allowing food to stay fresher for longer; while the airflow system ensures that cold air flows to every level.

All of this incredible functionality works at a maximum sound level of just 40dB, making it the perfect accompaniment to open-plan kitchens. Caple’s fridge is finished with sleek LED strip lighting circumference and steel trims on every shelf.

The Caple RiF1795 frost-free freezer similarly boasts slim LED strip light and a steel trimmed interior, alongside a Twist ice-cube maker and Super freeze mode – which allows your food to freeze far quicker.

Product Manager of Caple, Luke Shipway commented: “Our new RiL1795 and RiF1795 in-column fridge and freezer make the perfect addition to a modern kitchen with a whole host of useful features from our fully adjustable shelf and Caple fresh technology in our fridge to the super freeze mode and our top LED strip light in our freezer.”

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