kb-network    Launch 13 Jun 2017

HI-MACS teams up with Franco Eccel to present a range of customised furniture and surfaces…

Designer Franco Eccel has presented “Tzero Table – Made from HI-MACS” to the industry – a collection featuring a wide range of tables, kitchen worksurfaces and items for the bathroom made from HI-MACS Acrylic Stone.

Designed to be “fully customisable in terms of size and shape”, the Tzero tables boast a multitude of green credentials; each piece is created from off-cuts and surplus materials taken from the sites of major architectural projects, meaning every piece is given a second lease of life in the form of these highly unique furniture pieces.

When commenting on the product’s iconic fragmented appearance, HI-MACS stated “Of special note is the ‘fragmented’ pattern, its origin is the underlying concept of the project, as well as the adhesives in contrasting colours, which, in the manner of the Japanese art of Kintsugi, clearly highlight the fractures between the individual elements and their joints.”


They went on to say that the product’s irregular design “breathes life into tops and surfaces using an array of harmoniously balanced colours.”

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