Utopia    Launch 27 Apr 2017

Golden oldie – Lundhs presents its beautiful brown-gold Antique stone surface for the bathroom


The Antique stone surface, from Lundhs, blends blue and brown crystals to create a striking, warm hued aesthetic. The sophisticated stone is bought to life by the sporadic insertion of blue crystals, which, in combination with the surface’s polished finish, creates the illusion that the stone is sparkling.

Due to Lundhs Antique being a completely natural stone, it is easy to maintain, and boasts incredible water, scratch, UV and stain resistance.

Antique is also the oldest of all the real stones from Lundhs’ collection, meaning it boasts beautiful natural variations such as lines and darker areas – making each piece truly unique. The material is crafted from Anorthosite, and is known to have been naturally created around 1,000 million years ago on the west coast of Norway, when igneous rock formed from the cooling of magma.

To pay homage to this rich heritage, every piece of Lundhs Real Stone is delivered with a certificate of authenticity, stating the origin of the stone.

Lundhs Real Stone | lundhsrealstone.com/uk