Utopia    Launch 26 Jul 2017

Give your bathroom a glamorous edge with this amazing alternative take on wall cladding


Bathroom design experts Alternative Bathrooms have recently released a new collection of decorative wall coverings. The Glamora range is bringing feature walls back into fashion with vibrant, daring designs that will enliven any bathroom space.

Sparking an artistic revolution in the bathroom, these creative coverings are made from a fabric-like material with a vinyl coating that makes for long-lasting durability, while ensuring it is washable, fire-resistant and eco-friendly. Subtle embossing is used to create the vivid patterns, giving each design an enhanced visual depth and texture, while alluding to a clever three-dimensional effect.

A quick and easy way to update your bathroom, these fun fabric claddings are available in a vibrant myriad of patterns and designs, including this sinuous, shell-inspired design (featured) which crafts an eye-catching contemporary aesthetic, while its blue-green hues in combination with the dark wood floor and modern bathtub make for a calming, spa-like atmosphere.

Alternative Bathrooms | alternativebathrooms.com