kb-network    Launch 19 Oct 2017

Get the high-end European hotel look with the launch of Soak.com’s Hotel Collection

Showcasing luxury and glamour, soak.com’s launch of their Hotel Collection offers the modern and stylish surroundings associated with bespoke accommodation found in European cities.

Naomi Cheney, the Interior Designer at soak.com, said: “This is an extremely exciting development for us and the focus has been on three styles – the Everyday Eclectic inspired by Copenhagen, the Modern Glamour designed with Paris in mind and the Urban Modernist setting of Berlin. There is certainly something to suit all tastes and we are anticipating high levels of demand. Everyday Eclectic combines the two worlds of traditional furniture and contemporary colours to create a stunning hybrid. While it’s important that the design complements daily routines, there are subtle touches, such as adding bold colours to a traditional piece of furniture that can bring an eclectic touch. The Modern Glamour outlook provides the ultimate in extravagance. Full of black and copper, the design focuses on repeated patterns, stylish finishes and traditional influences. Finally, the Berlin inspired Urban Modernist creates a more industrial inspired bathroom while maintaining a strong element of sophistication through clean, precise lines and simple placement. Rustic materials with a polished finish feature strongly.”



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