Utopia    Launch 20 Jul 2017

Gemini’s new natural-stone-look tiles are the perfect pick for a contemporary wet room


Gemini recently launched its latest bathroom tile range, Kursaal, and it’s the perfect pick for creating a cool, contemporary wet room. The tiles present a subtle texture that replicates the colour variations found in natural stone, but in a practical and durable format that will stand the wear and tear of everyday bathroom use.

The Kursaal tiles are crafted from porcelain and are available in a range of sizes, from 1200mm large formats to perfectly petite formations which can still create a similar spa-inspired tranquillity in smaller bathrooms. Of course, as with all styles of tile: colour is key; so whether you opt for the collection’s deep, moody Raven hue, a contemporary Slate Grey or a softer Pure shade, be sure that it will suit both your style and space. Practically, every tile in the Kursaal collection also features a soft grip function that ensures they’re suitable for application in a wet room setting.

Gemini’s Glass and Stone mosaic tiles are the perfect partners to the Kursaal floors; their miniature size creates an interesting visual juxtaposition with the large format Kursaals, beneath, while the Mosaic’s shimmering finish adds a dash of opulence to the otherwise stark scheme. Additionally, both the mosaic tiles and the water falling from the shower will reflect any available light and together craft a unique sinuous and almost mystical feel.

Gemini | geminitiles.co.uk