kb-network    Launch 11 May 2017

Furniture specialist, Xey, launches its new ‘S3’ handless and minimalist kitchen design

Leaders in the design and manufacturing of quality Spanish furniture, Xey, has announced its exclusive UK debut of the ‘S3’ handleless kitchen design.

Characterised by its minimalist design and visual architecture, this highly contemporary design is available with either one or two bevelled outside edges, dependent on the position of the door.

The new furniture collection starts from £12,000 and boasts a plethora of exciting features including an island unit with integrated drawers, large wall units, a refrigerated wine cabinet, and of course the design’s iconic handless S3 profile.

Commenting on its new launch, Xey stated that the kitchen is “designed to feed the senses and employs Xey’s cook, feel, live philosophy that helps create interior spaces which work on the principals of quality, design, and functionality.”

Xey | xeyuk.com