kb-network    Launch 19 May 2017

French kitchen manufacturer, Mobalpa, launches its brand new Midnight Blue ‘Kiffa’ kitchen

Leading French kitchen manufacturer, Mobalpa, has launched its brand new midnight blue ‘Kiffa’ kitchen.

Designed with contemporary interiors in mind, the collection’s new combination of midnight blue and walnut detailing creates a stylish and luxurious feel. Further enhanced by the marble-effect worktop, this kitchen scheme is ideal for creating a welcoming and open-plan feel.

The matt finish cabinetry offers a clean, smooth and high-end approach to the design, while the stainless steel hardware contrasts brilliantly against the cabinets dark hue.

When commenting on the Kiffa kitchen’s new colour option, kitchen product manager, Jean Noel Chevrier stated “Following an increased consumer trend towards incorporating texture into open-plan spaces, the clever combination of colours and materials in this design flawlessly integrates the kitchen into the heart of the living area.

“The space has multiple facets, welcoming with its large island and extended dining table – yet discreet with key features hiding behind retractable doors. The Kiffa kitchen strikes the perfect balance between elegant design and complementing materials.”

The Kiffa midnight blue, Quercy walnut and Luni matt marble kitchen collection starts at £8,000.

Mobalpa | mobalpa.co.uk