Utopia    Launch 08 Jun 2017

Forget the diet – Everhot opts for indulgence with new cream coloured range cookers


The latest innovative designs from Everhot look, sound and actually cook delicious. To suit the range cookers traditionally English design, Everhot’s latest cream colour option creates the perfect blend of vintage and modern.

The neutral creamy palette provides a subtle and understated aesthetic, which will work well surrounded by any selection of colours, especially sat amongst a pretty array of pastel colours – perfect for aligning with summer’s big hit pastel kitchens trends.

Everhot’s hand-built cookers use less than half the energy of an equivalent comparable range cooker, and can also gently warm the kitchen space itself using its electric fuelling system. The selection of electricity allows the cooking to be quickly switched on or off, easily installed, and are well suited to running off solar or other forms of renewable energy.

The Everhot cookers are available in a wide choice of sizes and models, allow for lower energy bills and no servicing costs, and most importantly, are built to last a lifetime – meaning an Everhot can easily be taken with you when you move home – forever enhancing its place at the heart of family life and ensuring these cute cream coloured creations can enliven each and every kitchen you use.

Everhot | Everhot.co.uk