kb-network    Launch 19 Jun 2017

Fisher & Paykel launches a brand new company logo to reflect its “new visual brand language”

Appliance specialist, Fisher & Paykel, has officially launched a new company logo to reflect its award-winning appliance designs.

Celebrating its 80th year in business, the company stated “Fisher & Paykel is now a global company with a clear premium brand vision for the future. To support our vision, we have developed a new visual brand language across all key products and communications platforms.”

They continued “We are a heritage company with a contemporary offering, and our wordmark has been designed with these unique conditions in mind. It is constructed from bold, widely kerned lettering with a subtly nostalgic feel.

“The unique ampersand unites the two names, creating a memorable signature which we own and our customers can easily recognise. Our refreshed wordmark is bold and confident, stands upright and is proud to be on display.”


The new logo will now begin to roll out across all the brand’s products and touchpoints, including:

 – New retail displays within the brand’s stores from July 2017

– New POS material featuring the new logo later within 2017

– New marketing communication and advertising materials from 19 June

– Updated website logos as of 19 June


Fisher & Paykel | fisherpaykel.com