kb-network    Launch 24 May 2017

Falmec take extractor systems to new levels with the launch of the ‘Circle.Tech’ extractor

Kitchen extractor specialist, Falmec, has launched its latest patented extractor innovation – the ‘Circle.Tech’.

Unlike traditional extractors systems, the Circle.Tech filtering unit works horizontally rather than vertically, allowing the air to be expelled evenly through the filters surrounding the motor.

Its unique design offers an enhanced surface area for exceptional extraction rates of up to 86%, in comparison to as little as 20% for standard charcoal filters. The even distribution of air also reduces turbulence, subsequently making the system extremely quiet – working at around 47-67 dB.

Falmec has stated “the secret of the Circle.Tech extraction system’s super effectiveness is Falmec’s exclusive patented Carbon.Zeo combined filter.” Made of naturally occuring zeolite and activated charcoal, this combination ensures outstanding odour neutralisation and moisture retention that lasts for around three years with regular use.

Nigel Jacobs, managing director at Euroline, the exclusive UK importer of Falmec commented “The launch of Circle.Tech – the next generation extractor system – places Falmec firmly at the forefront of new developments. With its chic and stylish design options, as well as its high functionality, we are certain Circle.Tech will become a strong contender as the homeowner’s choice.”

Falmec | falmec.co.uk