kb-network    Launch 26 Jul 2017

Falmec launches exciting extractor Soffio from the Circle Tech collection, featuring a Murano Glass canopy.

Italian based, Falmec launches exciting extractor Soffio from the Circle Tech collection, featuring a Murano Glass canopy.

The stunning new extractor features a distinctive circular canopy constructed from hand blown Murano glass. Available in either white or amber, the Soffio extractor makes a stunning design statement in the kitchen or indeed anywhere in the home.

It’s subtle lighting, which glows through the coloured Murano glass, also helps to create a warm and relaxing ambience, particularly perfect for entertaining. The new circular extractor will definitely be the focal point of any kitchen.

Making use of local artisan materials is something which Falmec strongly believes in. Falmec’s HQ in Vittorio Veneto is located close to the city of Venice and the island of Murano where the tradition of glass blowing originated many centuries ago.

As well as a striking design, the Soffio also offers innovative functionality and incorporates Falmec’s patented CircleTech technology.

Unlike traditional extractor systems, the CircleTech filtering unit works horizontally rather than vertically, allowing the air to be expelled evenly through the filters surrounding the motor. Its unique design offers an enhanced surface area for exceptional extraction rates of up to 86%. This compares with as little as 20% for standard charcoal filters. The even distribution of air also reduces turbulence, and therefore noise for an extremely quiet extraction system (47-67dB).

Unlike standard extractor systems, the CarbonZeo filter is regenerable and has a long life, lasting around 3 years with normal use, requiring regeneration after 18 months by placing in an oven at 200°C for two hours.

Nigel Jacobs, Managing Director at Euroline, exclusive UK importer of Falmec comments, “Falmec, with its strong Italian heritage, has long been one of the leading brands in premium extractor systems, combining striking design with superior functionality. The Soffio is a definitive representation of the Falmec brand and its values. We are proud that Falmec uses locally sourced artisan materials, such as Murano glass, supporting trade on the island and ensuring authenticity for the end user. The end result is a cutting edge piece of design that fulfils an important role within the kitchen and the home”.

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