Utopia    Launch 22 Jun 2017

Everhot is tickling the taste buds with this pretty in pink finish of their cooker

Everhot has expanded its Everhot 110 cooker range for the summer season, with this elegant Dusky Pink finish. This colour, which was originally seen as something only suited to traditional country kitchens, has undergone a renaissance this year, with the millennial pink trend topping the wish-list of every style savvy homeowner.

The Teal and Tangerine finished cookers were previously added to Everhot’s collection; these popular, vibrant appliances are a great way to subtly add colour to your kitchen. The striking hue can work as a single statement piece, or intertwine with a variety of small accessories in the same colour, but be sure to stray away from using the same colour on your cabinetry or walls – clashing colours can work – but avoid overloading the kitchen with one vivid hue.

Everhot’s range cookers are all hand-built, and use less than half the energy of some comparable models. Each range cooker is also available with the option of an induction hobo, alongside a traditional hot plate and internal grill. This elegant pink addition truly succeeds in both beauty and function.

Everhot | everhot.co.uk