Utopia    Launch 03 Jan 2018

Britton Bathrooms’ new Cleargreen range balances elegant design with eco-conscience materials

Exceptionally designed, the new Cleargreen range from Brittons Bathrooms perfectly balances aesthetics and functionality and is the perfect fit for fans of a long-lasting bathe.

The new collection is comprised of a range of models, from freestanding, single or double-ended models, to those off-set and shower-suited designed, there’s a shape to suite every suite, and better yet: each bath is crafted from 30% recycled materials – making the new collection both stylish and sustainable.

The bath’s unique material body also enables it to retain heat for 30 minutes longer than a standard bath, and is durable enough to withstand an impressive 2.3 tonnes in weight. To increase the bath’s sturdy structure and durability further, each model uses steel re-enforcing rods within the bath rims.

Contemporary, stylish and eco-friendly, the Cleargreen collection from Brittons Bathrooms is the ideal choice for any style-savvy eco-warrior.

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