kb-network    Launch 23 Nov 2017

Efficient and stylish—Introducing the Blanco ZENAR XL 6 S SteamerPlus granite sink

The BLANCO ZENAR XL 6 S SteamerPlus advances the process of steam cooking in a quick, efficient and stylish manner.

The main features include a step in the bowl for hanging steamer dishes, a drainer area for holding GN and XL steamer dishes and a movable chopping board for working directly into the hanging steamer dishes. The moveable chopping board, which comes with the option of black frosted safety glass or ash compound, ensures efficient cooking as the prepared ingredients can be moved directly from the chopping board into the steamer dishes.

The BLANCO ZENAR XL 6 S SteamerPlus made with the exclusive material, SILGRANIT PuraDur makes steam cooking easier. As an additional benefit, the SILGRANIT PuraDur sinks are not only extremely easy-care and robust but also heatproof to 280 degrees.

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