Designer    Launch 02 Jun 2017

Duravit presents the new solid surface materials used to craft Cecilie Manz’s Luv bathroom collection

In its continual aim to present the most innovative and ground breaking bathroom solutions, Duravit have launched new solid surface materials: DuraCeram® and DuraSolid®, that have both played an integral part in the new creation of the company’s latest Luv collection.

Duravit’s DuraCeram was developed in order to craft sleek, slim bathroom suites. Unlike conventional bathroom ceramic materials – which have to be used in at least a 12 to 14mm thickness to ensure they create a strong and durable surface – DuraCeram can be used in a much slimmer context for sleek, accurate and elegant aesthetic. This material was used to create the Luv oval countertop basin (featured) and is to thank for the piece’s smooth contours and extremely slim edges which afford the basin an ultra-contemporary aesthetic.

The freestanding Luv bath tub, however, is crafted from the company’s new DuraSolid material. DuraSolid’s unusual mineral quality is crafted through the combination of raw materials – the resulting material boasts durability, stability and a particular slip-resistant texture – making it the perfect selection for baths and showers. The DuraSolid’s matt finished surface on the Luv bath presents a velvety smooth aesthetic; ensuring the material balances looks and practicality.

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