Designer    Launch 04 Aug 2017

Duravit extends its Vero Air collection with the addition of a perfect rectangle

Putting an ultra-contemporary spin on the bathtub, Duravit has announced the launch of its Vero Air bath, which presents a striking rectangular shape –following the distinctive design ethos of the entire Vero Air collection – and making for a perfect modern centrepiece.

Vero Air has cleverly retained its strong, design-focused identity while expanding into a complete bathroom range. The latest addition – the Vero Air bathtub was crafted through the use of Duravit’s state-of-the-art manufacturing process and features reduced edges, a precise shape, and a sharp, linear charm.

Through optimising the radii and wall thicknesses, the company have successfully reflected the iconic design of the Vero Air wash basin in the bathtub’s monolithic form. Enhancing the versatility of the range, the Vero Air bath is available four sizes and can be fitted as either a freestanding or integrated back-to-wall piece.

For lovers of luxury, all bathtubs in the Vero Air collection are available with an optional Air-System that smoothly integrates air jets – to a near-invisible finish – into the circumference of the bath. And, to add a spa-inspired feel to this clever collaboration, LED coloured lights and sound can be fitted upon request; ensuring that the new Vero Air bath succeeded in form, function and providing ultimate luxury.

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