Utopia    Launch 23 May 2017

Devon & Devon unveil debut wallpaper collection in collaboration with talented emerging designers


Devon & Devon’s debut wallpaper collection was created in collaboration with emerging Italian design talent: Francesca Greco, Nina Farré and Vito Nesta. The collection is specially created to suit both bathroom and living areas and stylistically balances quirky contemporary designs with a classical elegance that is synonymous with the Devon & Devon brand.

Greco, Farré and Nesta drew inspiration from everything from the Art Deco era to traditional oriental styles and decadent arabesque patterns to create the utterly luxurious 32 themes which feature a range of geometric prints, three-dimensional optical effect and bold colourful motifs. Each pattern is available in a vast variety of colour combinations, for a total of 126 optional designs including Giacarta Gloaming (as featured).

Devon & Devon’s technical department will also provide a personalised design service for each homeowner to ensure you have the perfect paper pick for your home.

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