Designer    Launch 10 May 2017

deVOL launches a new collection of hand-crafted cup handles in striking metal finishes

After months of development, deVOL have launched a new selection of striking cup handles, to perfectly suit the company’s hand-crafted kitchens. Two different style of cup handle are available: the ‘Classic’ and the ‘Boho’, and each is available in a selection of seven beautiful finishes, ranging from brass to bronze.

The handles were developed in-house by the deVOL design team, and, just as with all of deVOL’s beautiful kitchens, every handle is handmade and individually sand cast in the company’s metal workshop in the Cotes Mill. This specific process ensures each handle achieves a unique finish.

deVOL’s in-house Jeweller and Metalsmith, Stephanie, spent months experimenting with different copper and brass alloys, including techniques, such as acid etching, antiquing fluid, sand blasting and patinas, to eventually find unique variations to the metals. The successful finishes boast bounteous different patinas and textures, which will enliven any of the company’s contemporary kitchens. Each handle will work well with different styles and colour combination kitchens; for instance, the darker metal colours will perfectly offset a modern, neutral, white or grey matt finished kitchen.

Finally, all of deVOL’s cup handles are non-lacquered, which means the metal is exposed to the oxidants in the air, soaps and natural oils, meaning they will gradually change with time and use.

“Good design is all about equal consideration for every aspect, form, aesthetic, utility etc. The quality of deVOL is in their attention to detail, the last finishing touches,” comments Stephanie O’Leary, deVOL’s Jeweller & Metalsmith.

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