Designer    Launch 17 May 2017

Designer Marc Sadler creates the colourful and creative Collier collection for Italamp

Marc Sadler presents the true beauty of glass design through the creative Collier collection, designed for Italamp. Though many think of glass as a man-made product, there are mass variety of glass forms found in the natural world. The Collier lighting system focuses on interchangeability, to cleverly reflect the countless possible combinations of different elements found in natural glass.

Italamp’s collection brings to mind decadent jewellery – with the eight varieties of glass ‘pearls’ ranging from clean and minimal to highly decorative, embellished and engraved pieces – all delicately strung onto subtle wires. The veritable array of compositions – including both vertical and horizontal compositions alongside table, floor and wall models – allows the Collier collection to suit a residential commercial or hotel setting.

The Collier light is available in 10 standard colours, but can be customised upon request. Finally, the models can be crafted from a singular or three-strand wire ‘necklace’, chessboard-like combinations, animal shapes, columns, cascades and an almost limitless number of further compositions; some of which boast the ability of movement.

Marc Sadler’s unique Collier lighting system, for Italamp, combines beautiful glass work, creative colour and intriguing movement. The only limit for the totally adaptable Collier collection is your imagination…

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