Designer    Launch 02 Mar 2017

Designer and manufacturer Methven extend range of innovative bar showers with the ‘Kiri Satinjet’

Global designer and manufacturer Methven ensure families remain safe with the ‘Kiri Satinjet’ cool-to-touch shower bar.

Utilising the company’s cool-to-touch technology, the ‘Kiri Satinjet’ is a seamless blend of safety and modern design.

Featuring a specific temperature control function, using a 38ºC default safety setting, the Kiri Satinjet will ensure everyone has a safe shower experience that is void of any scalding accidents.

Continuing the Kiri range’s tradition of beautiful design, the new model is characterised  by crisp and continuous soft curves that capture the sleekness of modern design and technology.

Speaking on behalf of Methven, CEO Martin Walker commented “Ideal for family bathrooms, our new Kiri Satinjet cool-to-touch bar shower has safety as one of its best features, without compromising on stunning, modern design.”


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