Designer    Launch 21 Sep 2017

Design duo Dekton and Daniel Germani present brand new Industrial collection 

Dekton® by Cosentino and architect and designer, Daniel Germani, have launched a collaborative Industrial surfaces collection. In keeping with the ethos behind the popular industrial-chic style, the new range is composed of four urban-inspired ‘ecological’ colours: Nilium, Radium and Orix and Trilium.

Nilium, Radium and Trilium – which is crafted from 80% recycled materials – are based on the look of aged, weathered metals and boast irregular, organic patterns. In contrast, Orix’s darker aesthetic is inspired by the patina of eroded cement.

Daniel Germani, designer of the colour collection says: “The Dekton® Industrial colour collection contemplates the beauty of metals and cement at every stage of their life. It pays homage to the beautiful imperfections of the oxidation and degradation processes undergone by certain materials. The incomparable technology of Dekton® gave us the tools necessary to explore and design, and the result is a collection of colours that highlight the richness and depth of natural, organic processes.”

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