Designer    Launch 23 Feb 2018

Delve into the mind behind Zucchetti.Kos’ NUDE collection, designer Sybille de Margerie

French Interior Designer, Sybille de Margerie, is renowned for her elegant and bold designs that modernise the traditional, and has recently put this iconised style to the test when creating the new NUDE brassware collection for Zucchetti.Kos.

Who is Sybille de Margerie?

Sybille de Margerie’s Paris-based studio has forged a reputation in creating spas for luxury private residences and prestigious hotels. Her search for a serene atmosphere now reaches the bathroom, which becomes a sanctuary devoted to well-being, the homeowner’s very own ‘temple of relaxation’.

A curious journey of inspiration

While visiting outstanding French wine Chateau cellars, Sybille de Margerie was touched by the mysterious art of winemaking. And her eye caught the delicate glass stopper used on top of the wooden barrels in the ageing cellar. The inspiration took root and the raw glass stopper was turned into a precious crystal handle. NUDE was created.

French art de vivre meets Italian state-of-the-art

Sybille de Margerie’s signature – ‘feminine and poetic’ – reaches out into the most sophisticated spheres. Functional and contemporary, NUDE fascinates by its transparency and a tiny air bubble locked inside. The design of the handles delivers a universe of luxury and delights. Available in both rose gold and chrome finish with a softly-shaped crystal handle, NUDE is pure as nature.


 Sybille de Margerie said, “As an Interior Designer my goal is to achieve a perfect blend of tradition, innovation and creativity. I see my work as a sensual quest for comfort, and the pleasure of the finest quality in the smallest detail. I would say I am an architect of a particular ‘Art de Vivre’ that merges culture and creativity in a characteristically French luxury spirit.”












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