Designer    Launch 09 Mar 2018

Why Crosswater’s Liberty bathroom collection is ahead of the curve of bathroom design…

In accordance with the growing trend of multi-generational living and increasing life expectancies, Crosswater has created bathrooms that ‘grow with you’ – the Liberty bathroom collection.

Liberty’s design features, explored below, consider the health conditions, cognitive changes, mobility, and different needs of the modern household, whatever the age and ability of the family. All of these features are becoming increasingly important in bathroom design, as shown by the facts that most households will be affected by disability, and yet only 16% of UK homes are wheelchair-friendly. Additionally, the number of UK households containing two or more adult generations is 1.8 million, and expected to reach 2.2 million by 2025.

With that in mind, the industry might reasonably expect the following sorts of features, found in Liberty, to achieve steadily increasing demand in the future:

Smart support rails don’t just offer a safe handhold but can integrate a height-adjustable shower head in a stylish yet practical manner.

Easy step in baths assist bathers who have difficulties balancing. An extended end platform provides an area to sit as one transitions into and out of the bath.

A thermostatic pull-out handset on the basin makes sanitary activities easier for both ends of the age spectrum, as do the easy grip tap handles.

An adjustable WC frame allows users to set the height of the toilet to their individual needs using an easy reach remote control.

A level access shower tray eliminates all tripping hazards for the young, old, and wheelchair users, while a fold-away shower seat offers security without obstruction.

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