Utopia    Launch 12 Dec 2017

Craven Dunnill launches Parisienne patterned floor tiles, suiting the trend for statement floors

 The new Parisienne range, from Craven Dunnill, boasts bold patterns and striking coloured finishes.

The on-trend flooring tiles feature petite 150mm x 150mm formats, retro and geometric prints and a choice of pastel, monochromatic and chic, Parisian-inspired styling. The Parisienne collection is comprised of six patterned and four plain tile designs; each of which is crafted from a solid porcelain, with a durable, matt glaze finish. Each patterned piece can also be used en-masse to create a larger scale design or be interspersed with the plain tiles for a more informal look.

Craven Dunnill’s Parisienne range is part of the company’s larger Renaissance tile collection.

Craven Dunnill | cravendunnill.co.uk