Designer    Launch 27 Mar 2018

Conscientious creativity – Roman’s new curved shower enclosures are inclusive by design

Roman’s new Walk-In Enclosures and Wetroom Panels provide a spacious and enclosed showering space that is inclusive for all users.

David Osborne, Managing Director of Roman, said: “It has been well reported that within the UK we have an ageing population, and according to the latest UK census it is the highest it has ever been. Alongside this Work and Pensions highlight that in Britain there are over 11 million people with a limiting long-term illness, impairment or disability. This is a driving trend towards making the home and the bathroom easier to use and more functional. As the UK has an ageing population, along with much of the wealth being held by the older generation, manufacturers are designing products to suit the needs of this market. The older generation or disabled user is no longer satisfied with a traditionally disabled product, they want to create a stylish and inviting bathroom, which also happens to offer easy access.”

In many of the company’s designs, Roman eliminates the step up into the shower by using low level shower trays , install handles that can be used with a flat hand and only need low grip strength and they offer a large collection of wetroom panels and walk-ins that offer door less entry.

With 8mm thick glass, the new wetroom panel sits on its own dedicated shower tray which is approved for anti-slip properties. The curved glass sits perfectly on the shower tray, along the groove specifically designed for the curvature of the glass.

Roman’s Lumin8 1,700mm Colossus presents a bath replacement enclosure, which occupies the same wall dimensions as a standard UK bath. They have introduced a new size to the range – the 1,600mm Colossus, which stands at 2,000mm high and incorporates a very practical and stylish towel rail. It also has its own dedicated shower tray, which is available in matt white or matt grey and is approved for anti-slip properties.

The curvaceous nature of these new enclosures means they bow out to create a spacious and indulgent showering space. They imitate a wetroom in their styling, while providing a more enclosed showering area which is preferred in the UK bathroom. Roman’s new Curved Wetroom Panel and Colossus joins their growing range of Wetroom Systems, which present complete minimalism and inclusivity in the showering area.

Osborne concluded: “Both curved enclosures are valuable additions to our inclusive range of products, both presenting level access entry, no handle and wide entry access into the showering area. They are a modern and flexible addition to any bathroom as they will work around existing fittings and fixtures with their door less entry, which makes it the perfect product for the busy domestic bathroom.”

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