Utopia    Launch 07 Jun 2017

These cle´tiles will add an exotic Eastern twist to your kitchen or bathroom


clé has just launched its colourful Eastern Earthenware collection of hand-crafted terracotta tiles. The range was inspired by ancient Asian techniques, used in combination with the pure and primitive earthy elements of fire, earth and minerals. Each tile within the Eastern Earthenware range is made by hand; its rustic terracotta body is fired in a traditional kiln that is shaped in a beehive formation and is fuelled purely by natural materials. This traditional process provides an uneven firing temperature – although this sounds slightly outdated and illogical, the firing method creates unique variations in the glazes and provides an interesting textural aesthetic that gives the tiles their rustic characterful nature. The tiles, available in 25 various colours and curated by Deborah Osburn, are crafted in a petite 4-inch by 4-inch size, and can be used on floors and walls either inside the home or to make a vibrant garden feature.

“I’m literally brimming with pride over unveiling Eastern Earthenware, an exclusive collection of glazed terracotta that combines the magic of a raku glaze combined with the popularity of a hand hewn terracotta, such as Zellige. This offering represents years of development pairing the artistry of an ancient ceramics heritage with the market demands for a tile of sophisticated glaze qualities and colouring.”

Deborah Osburn, Founder and Creative Director of clé

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