Utopia    Launch 17 Aug 2017

Clad your bathroom in luxury with Gemini’s latest collection of marble tiles


There are a few materials which are instantly synonymous with luxury, and one of those is most definitely marble. This traditional sought-after stone has clad everything from the palaces of princes to the pillars of luxury villas across the globe, truly epitomising natural beauty.

Though centuries old, this lavish stone is still popular today and will be sure to make a marvellous impact on your bathroom. Gemini’s newly launched collection embraces both the classic and creative uses of marble, crafting a modern palette that will still achieve the same luxurious effect in your home.

Gemini’s marble-effect tile collection includes the Classic, Natura and Worcester ranges, which provide a perfect solution to introduces marble textures into your bathroom without the tricky maintenance and expensive cost. These Carrara marble designs will provide you with a striking natural look with a range of options in size, shade and shape. The delicate herringbone and mosaic formats will give your bathroom an internationally-inspired allure that reflects the radiance of Roman palaces, while the larger natural stone Carrara polished marble tiles will craft a harmonious hotel-style suite.

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