Utopia    Launch 26 Jun 2017

From catwalk to cladding – see the new Domus collection from former fashion designer Marianna Smink

New from Domus: the Smink Things collection comprises a vivacious variety of patterned ceramic tiles.

The collection was created by its namesake former fashion designer Marianne Smink. She drew inspiration from her rich artistic background in print design to create vibrantly coloured graphic aesthetics that are incredibly versatile – their bold shapely facades can be laid in a myriad of ways, from the more structured regular patterns to randomly placed eclectic styles.

Smink Things tiles are hand-crafted from ceramic, screen printed by hand in Portugal using traditional production techniques, and then glazed to finish. The collection is available in 34 varying colours and two sizes. A stylish palette of options, which range from subtle creams to warm, rustic orange tones, greys, blues and greens, will ensure there’s a size, style and design for every home and every taste.

To add a dramatic twist to your kitchen, consider creating a feature wall with one of the six screen printed patterns in the Smink Things range, or mix it up by combining different colours and patterns from the collection, to craft a unique, eclectic look.

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