Designer    Launch 31 Jul 2017

Catchpole & Rye is scaling down – with a petit addition to its copper bateau collection

With the average size of city housing and apartments continually decreasing, Catchpole & Rye have answered the call of modern city-dwellers with a new compacted version of its classic Copper Bateau that will suit any small bathroom.

Dramatically contrasting the capacious 1700mm length of the original Copper Bateau, the petit 1500mm version offers a space-saving solution that will avoid wasting precious floor space – and therefore making the room appear larger – while not compromising on the quality of product or experience. The compact copper version still presents the renowned curves of its original model, but in a practical formation.

Shown here in a full copper aesthetic, the attractive model is also available in a variety of more contemporary exterior finishes including nickel and painted charcoal. The bath, as with all of Catchpole and Rye’s products, is designed in-house – allowing it to be personalised to bespoke specifications – and is hand-finished in the company’s Kent workshop to make for optimum quality.

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